How to Sell a Fur Coat in 4 Easy Steps:

Selling fur coats

Take a Picture

Box up your fur to sell my fur coat

Ship for Free

to sell a fur coat

Agree on a Price

selling fur coat

Get Money!

Fast, Convenient, Secure

  1. CLICK HERE FIRST to see if your item is eligible and if so email a picture to with someone wearing the fur.
  2. Once you receive an email (within 48 hrs.) stating our interest you will receive a link for a free UPS label.
  3. We will mail a check or payment by Paypal (whichever you prefer) within 72 hours.


  1. How do I take a picture?
    Have someone wearing your fur and take a picture of the whole front. Send only one picture.
  2. Do you buy monogrammed or personalized items?
    Yes, we do buy items that have a monogram or personalization.
  3. What size box should I use?
    Any box is fine as long as it is secure and not extremely much larger than needed.
  4. Where can I get the box if I need one?
    If you don’t have a box you can get one at any Staples, Office Depot or UPS Store.
  5. What do I do with the UPS label?
    After you pack and securely seal your box place it on the box. Remove all other previous shipping labels.
  6. How can I track my shipment?
    Take a picture of the label to save tracker#. Go to and enter the tracking number.
  7. Where can I drop off my boxed up fur?
    Any UPS store location or Office Depot location.
  8. How can I insure my shipment?
    By having your fur listed on your homeowner’s policy or buying a new shipping label at the UPS store that includes desired insurance (our label is shipping only).
  9. I live outside of the USA can I still send you a fur to purchase?
    No sorry, we only purchase from people within the USA.
  10. What phone number do I call if I have more questions?

What We Do Not Buy:


  1. We buy real fur garments EXCEPT:
    • accessories
    • cloth coats
    • collars
    • fabrics
    • fake furs
    • fur pelts
    • gloves
    • hats
    • leathers
    • leopard fur
    • rabbit fur
    • scarves
    • seal fur
    • spotted cat fur such as leopard, tiger etc.
  2. Any furs that have mothball, musty, or smoke odors.

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