With the proper care your fur can last for generations. In the future it can be restyled, giving you years of fashionable wear.

  • Each spring bring it to us for summer storage in a temperature and humidity balanced vault.
  • While in storage have it conditioned and glazed. This will keep it looking its best and lasting its longest.
  • Keep it away from direct heat such as fireplaces, heaters, and hair dryers. This will cause damage to the hairs.
  • Unbutton your fur when sitting down to relieve pressure on it.
  • If it gets wet, shake the water off and hang until dry. If it gets completely soaked, bring it in immediately to us.
  • Never have it near moth balls, a cedar closet, smoke or a damp area. This will damage the fur.
  • Do not always carry a handbag that rubs the fur in the same area. This will break the hairs.
  • Never cover your fur, especially with plastic, except in transport. A fur needs to breathe to stay in good condition.

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